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  • Flour Mill Rolls

    Chilled Cast Iron Rolls / Flour Mill Rolls are the most important machinery part of any flour mill.  Good quality mill rolls are the key to success for any flour mill. Therefore our flour mill rolls can help you in achieving your success goals. Most of all, with the help of German Technical Know-How and […]

  • Crumbler Rolls for Pellet Mills

    Customer’s feedback has helped us to specially develop our Crumbler Rolls to serve the crumbling industry, to its best.  Also, customers can buy rolls manufactured by German Technology & Standards from our production facilities. As a result, ensures high performance crumbler rolls for pellet crumbling mills & crushing rolls for other industries. These crumbler rolls […]

  • Flaker Rolls

    Flaker Rolls for Flaking of Oil Seeds, Feed and Breakfast Cereals etc. Flaking Mill Rolls, called the heart of the oil seed extraction plants. We can use the Flaker Rolls for flaking of soybean, canola, copra, palm kernel, feedlots and breakfast cereals (corn flakes, rice flakes). Therefore the Flaker Rolls need to be of highest […]

  • Cracking Mill Rolls

    Cracker Rolls for cracking / crushing of Oil Seeds, etc. Cracking Mill Rolls are one of the important machinery parts of oil seed extraction plants (from soyabean, canola, copra, palm kernel), feedlots or breakfast cereals industry, etc. Therefore, they need to be of highest quality standards. Hence we offer our cracker rolls made with German […]

  • Rolls for Section, Loosening, Straightening, Reducing Mills

    Continuous Research and Development in the last few decades, Kay Jay Chill Rolls ensures our customers to have a good quality and high performance mill rolls for steel re-rolling, stretch reducing mills, loosing mills, straightening mills, sizing mills, etc. With the help of our valued customer and their important feedbacks, we have been able to […]

  • Rolls for Rubber, Paper, Mixing, Refining & Calendaring

    We are producing the mill rolls to give you best performance and lifetime.  We have developed a new concept to make these mill rolls for cracker mills, refiner mills, mixing mills, calendaring mills, etc..  Our rolls for this industry and fitted with shafts and are not made with cast on journals.  As Rolls are the […]

  • Rolls or Cylinders for Other Industries

    With the past experience and German Technology, we have developed rolls for various other industries as well, other than the industries mentioned in other categories, like cylinder liners, hydraulic rams, ink, triple roller mills, paint, mineral & ore grinding, etc.. As the rolls can be used for various industries, we have special materials suitable for […]

  • Combined Roll Grinding and Fluting Machine

    After manufacturing Rolls for various industries for decades, in the year 1999 we felt that a lot of our customers need a good & reliable Roll Grinding Fluting Machines.  First of all, we developed a Hydraulic Roll Grinding Fluting Machines.  Furthermore, with the help of our experienced team, our research and development team then designed […]

  • Roll Grinding Machines

    We are also manufacturing Roll Grinding Machines. The design and concept of the Roll Grinding Machines is based on Combined Roll Grinding and Fluting Machines.  The major difference is that the fluting head is missing on this machine, rest everything is almost similar. As per your requirement, we can supply you the Roll Grinding Machines […]

  • Roll Fluting Machine (Grooving Machine)

    Roll Fluting Machine is also based on the design for the Combined Roll Grinding and Fluting Machine.  It also belongs to the same family.  Roll Fluting Machine is also known as Roll Grooving Machine or Roll Corrugator. The Roll Fluting Machine was again designed after a lot of research & development on the machine to […]

  • Roll Sand Blasting Machines

    In the year 2011, we started making the Roll Sand Blasting Machines or Roll Frosting Machines for making the surface of the rolls a little rough after grinding of the rolls.  Roll Sand Blasting helps in improving the initial efficiency of the rolls, mainly when the rolls are freshly grinded for the first 1 week. […]

  • Rolls for Chocolate Biscuit Others

    Chocolate Refiner Rolls, Gauge Rolls for Biscuit & other Mill Rolls are the most important machinery part of any Malt, Coffee, Cocoa Beans, Chocolate, Cereal, Biscuit. Good quality mill rolls are the key to success for any mill and therefore our mill rolls can help you in achieving your success goals. With the help of […]