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Roll Fluting Machine (Grooving Machine)

Roll Fluting Machine is also based on the design for the Combined Roll Grinding and Fluting Machine.  It also belongs to the same family.  Roll Fluting Machine is also known as Roll Grooving Machine or Roll Corrugator.

The Roll Fluting Machine was again designed after a lot of research & development on the machine to make it very simple, easy to use and reliable machine.  The Roll Fluting Machine is designed to work with the PLC System.

You do not have to keep a very specialized person to run our Roll Grooving Machine.  It is one of the latest designed and very user friendly Roll Fluting Machines.  It takes only 5 minutes for any operator to set up and enter data in the system of the Roll Fluting Machine.

Depending on the sizes of the rolls which the Roll Fluting Machine is able to finish, we have made different models for these machines.  The details are as follows:

Model No. Max. Diameter Max. Total Length
K-NRFM 300 300 mm 2500 mm
K-NRFM 303 300 mm 3000 mm
K-NRFM 350 350 mm 2500 mm
K-NRFM 353 350 mm 3000 mm
K-NRFM 450 450 mm 2500 mm
K-NRFM 453 450 mm 3000 mm
K-NRFM 600 600 mm 2500 mm
K-NRFM 603 600 mm 3000 mm

If required, we can get the CE Certification for the Roll Fluting Machines. This will cost little extra money.