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Roll Grinding Machines

We are also manufacturing Roll Grinding Machines. The design and concept of the Roll Grinding Machines is based on Combined Roll Grinding and Fluting Machines.  The major difference is that the fluting head is missing on this machine, rest everything is almost similar.

As per your requirement, we can supply you the Roll Grinding Machines which are operated with the help of PLC/CNC Systems or the other option is to have manually operated machine.

The Roll Grinding Machines which are operating with the help of PLC/CNC Systems are able to do the Cambering on the surface of the rolls, which is not possible on the manual machines.  With the manual machines you can just put little taper on the surface of the rolls.

Depending on the sizes of the rolls which the Roll Grinding Machine is able to finish, we have made different models for these machines.  The details are as follows:

Model No. Max. Diameter Max. Total Length
K-RGM 300 300 mm 2500 mm
K-RGM 303 300 mm 3000 mm
K-RGM 350 350 mm 2500 mm
K-RGM 353 350 mm 3000 mm
K-RGM 450 450 mm 2500 mm
K-RGM 453 450 mm 3000 mm
K-RGM 600 600 mm 2500 mm
K-RGM 603 600 mm 3000 mm

If required, we can get the CE Certification for the Roll Grinding Machines. This will cost little extra money.