RollsRolls for Chocolate Refiners, Coffee & Biscuit Industry

Chocolate Refiner Rolls, Gauge Rolls for Biscuit & other Mill Rolls are the most important machinery part of any Malt, Coffee, Cocoa Beans, Chocolate, Cereal, Biscuit. Good quality mill rolls are the key to success for any mill and therefore our mill rolls can help you in achieving your success goals.

With the help of German Technical Know-How and Standards, our mill rolls have consistency and reliability. This also helps to improve the efficiency of your mill and reduces the downtime of your mill. We can supply you the mill rolls in smooth (grinded), fluted (grooved) or sand-blasted (frosted) condition, as per your requirement.

Depending on the requirements of the customers & application, we can offer different options of materials for the Chocolate Refiner Rolls, Gauge Rolls for Biscuit & other Mill Rolls. We offer all sizes of Mill Rolls for 5 or Five Roller Mill, Chocolate Refiner Rolls, 3 or Triple Roller Mill, Gauge Rolls for Biscuit.

We are also manufacturing Roll Grinding and Fluting Machines.

Types of Rolls

Rolls for 5 or Five Roller Mill
Chocolate Refiner Rolls
Rolls for 3 or Triple Roller Mill
Gauge Rolls


Chocolate Refiner Rolls, Gauge Rolls for Biscuit & other Mill Rolls are used in the grinding, breaking, cracking, refining, reducing, flaking, crushing, processing also as guage rolls for:

  • Barley & Malt for Breweries
  • Coffee Beans
  • Cocoa Bean
  • Chocolate
  • Cereal
  • Biscuit


With continuous research & development in the last few decades, we have developed different options of high performance and wear-optimized special materials for mill rolls. This helps you to give best possible results in your mills. Our materials are for example the following:

All the above materials have their own strengths. OCE® Rolls are special rolls used for breaking of different grains, etc. This material also helps in increasing the life of the fluted rolls. If you want more details about these grades or anything else, please contact us and we can provide you all the necessary details.

We can supply the above materials in different hardness, as per your requirements and application of the rolls. Our rolls are used for all types of chocolate refiners, roller mills, gauge rolls for biscuit industry, etc.