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After manufacturing Rolls for various industries for decades, in the year 1999 we felt that a lot of our customers need a good & reliable Roll Grinding Fluting Machines and therefore we decided to develop Roll Grinding Fluting Machines. Furthermore, with the help of our experienced team, our research and development team we have continuously developed & improved our machines in the last more than two decades. 

Also, we have special graded casting for our Combined Roll Grinding and Fluting Machines and all other parts are also manufactured with high quality controls and with international standards. Cast Iron Machine bed helps to give the machine much more stability, strength & reliability.

With the help of the PLC System developed by our team, it is much easier & quicker to set up a roll to grind or flute on the Combined Roll Grinding and Fluting Machine, with full automation. Furthermore, the machines are very user friendly and reliable. Also, with this new system, the Roll Grinding Fluting Machines were able to finish the rolls much faster.

Touch Screen
Steady Rest & Work Head
Grinding Head
Fluting Head

We have 3 types of machines

Roll Grinding Machines
Roll Fluting Machines
Roll Grinding Fluting Machines

Depending on the sizes of the rolls which the Combined Roll Grinding and Fluting Machine is able to finish, we have made different models for these machines. The details are as follows:

*Roll Dimensions Model No. for Different Types of Machines
Max. Roll
Max. Roll
Max. Total
Roll Grinding
Roll Fluting
Roll Grinding
Fluting Machines
340 mm 1500 mm 2500 mm K-RGM 3425 K-RFM 3425 K-RGFM 3425
420 mm 2200 mm 3000 mm K-RGM 4230 K-RFM 4230 K-RGFM 4230
510 mm 2200 mm 3000 mm K-RGM 5130 K-RFM 5130 K-RGFM 5130
610 mm 2200 mm 3000 mm K-RGM 6130 K-RFM 6130 K-RGFM 6130
820 mm 2200 mm 3000 mm K-RGM 8230 K-RFM 8230 K-RGFM 8230
*Note: These are some of our standard models, however if you have any specific roll size requirements then you may please share with us and we can customize the size of the machine as per your requirements.

The machine can perform following types of Grinding operations

Cylindrical Grinding
Taper on Edges
Convex Grinding
Concave Grinding

Features of the machine while Fluting operations

  • Special Alloyed Cast Iron Machine Bed (not steel fabricated) for better stability & strength
  • Better fluting performance
  • Quick Fluting with Accuracy & Precision
  • Touchscreen helps for easy, quick & user friendly operations
  • Roll Chamfering can be done
  • Slower entry & exit of the fluting, for better tool life
  • Fluting Depth can be adjusted while in operation
  • Single point fluting tool, optionally you can get multi point fluting tool
  • Jib crane for loading & unloading rolls from the machine (optional item)
  • Roll Grabbing Tong (optional item)
  • Stand for Rolls (optional item)