Rolls Rolls for Rubber, Paper, Mixing, Calendaring & Refining

We are producing the mill rolls to give you best performance and lifetime. We have developed a new concept to make these mill rolls for cracker mills, refiner mills, mixing mills, calendaring mills, etc. Our rolls for this industry and fitted with shafts and are not made with cast on journals. As Rolls are the key to success for any plant, therefore we have developed this new concept of making these rolls.

The advantages which you will get from this new design will be as follows:

Reduces journal breaking problems
Longer life
Smooth running
Better wear resistance
Better thermal conductivity as in the rolls are completely machined from inside also


These Rolls are used in Rubber Industry, Paper Industry & Plastic Industry in the following processes:

Rubber Industry for Cracking, Mixing,Refining & Calendaring

Paper & Other Industries

Gasket Industry


Over the years we have developed different options of wear-optimized special materials for the above industries to suit your requirements and give you best possible results. Our materials are for example the following:

Chilled Cast Iron
Alloyed Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron
Nodular Iron

The life of our rolls is better due to the latest and modern manufacturing techniques adopted by us while producing the rolls.